Groundworks Civil Engineering

Groundworks & Civil Engineering

If you are planning your own project or are a company who needs the services of a reliable groundwork's contractor Le Brun can help you.


  • Concrete Structures:
    Basements, Car Parks, Walling & Retains, Tanks, etc.
  • Exploratory Excavation Works
  • Land Reclamation
  • Bridges - both Pedestrian & Trafficked
  • Tunnelling, Culverts and Storage Systems
  • Earthworks - Cut & Fill, Bunds & Embankments
    • Service Detection, Location & Tracing
    • Sonar Locations & Tracing
    • CCTV / Jetting / Sweeping / Sucking
    • Pipeline Repairs & Remediation & Pipe Lining / Localised Repair Systems
    • Land & Drainage Surveying
    • Traditional strip
    • Pile & Beam
    • Vibro Pile
    • Rafts & Semi-rafts
    • All suspended works
    • Powerfloat & Screeding


    • Topsoil & Turfing
    • Log Rolling & Timber Work
    • Walling's & Retains, Gabion Walling
    • Decorative Gravel & Edgings, Cutting & Shaping
    • Natural Swimming Pools
    • Garden Ponds
    • Lakes

Cropthorne Autonomous House Project

The aim of this project was to build a house that would have minimal impact on the planet. The house was to obtain all it's services from it's immediate surroundings, and to generate more energy than it used. Pictured is the basement area of the house, the engine room, as the customer likes it to be known.

We are very excited to have be involved in this project, it breaks lots of new ground in building and energy conservation and we just love a challenge. You can find out more about this project here: The Cropthorne Autonomous House Project