Roads Utilities

Roads & Utilities


  • Full Construction of Estate & Link Roads
  • 278 Islands & Infrastructure
  • Cut & Fill Operations
  • All Surface Treatments, inc. Tarmac, Paving, Anti-skid,etc
  • Planing & Remediation
  • Lamp Columns & Street Furniture
  • Electrical Connections
  • Mains Service Trenching
  • All Testing & Compliance Regime


  • All Main Line Sewerage Systems
  • Pumping Stations & Associated Infrastructure
  • Rising Mains
  • Open Cut Systems
  • Workings in Existing Highways & Adopted Works
  • Offsite Sewer Systems both Carriageway & Verge
  • Trench-less Technologies
  • Pipe Lining & Localised Patch-box Repairs
  • Cutting & Shaping
  • In situ Concrete Structures

Le Brun, have for many years, undertaken projects for House Builders and Developers of housing estates and industrial estates. We take pride in the final result and our efforts are prised by many local and national companies. Please feel free to get in touch and discuss your project requirements.

Housing Estate Roads and Pathways.

We've lost count of just how many miles of roads and pathways we've constructed over the years. It's safe to say we really do know what's required in this area and we can guide you though the process to achieve a fantastic final result.